2017-18 ND Interclub

2017-2018 Nature Interclub Round 3 Awards of Merit

GROUP A    (Click image to enlarge)
The Fox and the Vole
Alan Walker, MPSA
Keswick Photographer Society
Panther Chameleon
Mike Hudson

The Evolve Group
Mating Toads
Paul Hudson

The Evolve Group
Pileated Woodpecker Family
Chris Bowe
Merrimack Valley Camera Club
Feeding Gannets
Ken Carlson
Greater Lynn Photographic Association
GROUP B    (Click image to enlarge)
Wing Walker
Dan Suckow
Tacoma Photographic Society
Resting Leopard
Harvey Augenbraub
Charlotte Camera Club
Yun Wang
Jiahua Elite Photographic Association 
Flying in Africa
Xiaohong Yang
Jiahua Elite Photography Association
Refusing to Fall
Grace Zuo
Jiahua Elite Photography Association