PPD Print of the Month

June 2017 PPD Print of the Month (POM)

Cyril Mazansky MPSA, BPSA, of Newton Center, MA won this month with his First Place Star Mono Print Basket Shop in Chefchaouen.

This month’s judge, Jon Fishback, APSA, ARPS says: “I feel this is one of the best travel scenes I have seen in some time. I think this is the epitome of street photography as well as travel. I think the maker has handled the exposure quite well, with detail in the shadows and wonderful highlights. The verticality of the elements within the frame as well as the tall vertical orientation, to me, is very exciting. I think the door at camera right and the pole at camera left are a beautiful balance, as well as the vertical stacked bags. The addition of the woman’s face is the icing on the cake, with just the right amount of light on the face to make it jump from the frame as well as being hidden just the right amount for the mystery of the image."