PPD Print of the Month

February 2017 PPD Print of the Month (POM) Gallery

Star Monochrome

The Cathedral
by David Price
1st Place Star Mono

Two Bushes on a Rock
by Stuart Bacon
2nd Place Star Mono

Bending the Base
by Christine Hodgson
3rd Place Star Mono
Monochrome Print

Halong Bay
by Sandy Dimke
1st Place Mono Print

Havana Relic

by Sandy Dimke
2nd Place Mono Print

Hazy Days of Winter
by Cheryl Janssen
3rd Place Mono Print
Star Color

Mother Goose and Family
by Jim Copps
1st Place Star Color

Savannah Musician
by Cindy Lynch
2nd Place Star Color

Ice Cream Time
by Keith Greggain
3rd Place Star Color
Color Print

Jardin de Luxembourg
by Nikos Zompolas
1st Place Color Print

Ear of the Wind
by Ernie Martin
2nd Place Color Print

Bike Racers
by Wes Odell
3rd Place Color Print