PPD Print of the Month

April 2017 PPD Print of the Month (POM) Gallery

Star Monochrome

Barn Owl
by Cindy Lynch
1st Place Star Mono

Cindy Sitting on Salute Steps
by Cyril Mazansky
2nd Place Star Mono

by David Price
3rd Place Star Mono
Monochrome Print

Forces Sweethearts
by Bill Herbert
1st Place Mono Print

Wilmington Store Fronts

by Harvey Lindenbaum
2nd Place Mono Print

Potter's Hands
by Dorinda Wills
3rd Place Mono Print
Star Color

Rotary dial
by Cindy Lynch
1st Place Star Color

Misty Morning
by Jack Bamford
2nd Place Star Color

Holy Man at Varanasi
by Cyril Mazansky
3rd Place Star Color
Color Print

Amish Boy and Horse
by Ernie Martin
1st Place Color Print

Locomotive #17
by Judi Kubes
2nd Place Color Print

The Lady in Mirror
by Bill Herbert
3rd Place Color Print