2015-16 Nature Interclub

2015-2016 Nature Interclub Round 2 Awards of Merit

GROUP A    (Click image to enlarge)

High Key Coyote
Jim Shane
Boise Camera Club

Road Runner Scorpion
Jeff Armstrong
Boise Camera Club

Black Skimmer Confrontation
Bob Slott
Cape Cod Viewfinders

Battling Great Blue Herons
Peter O'Malley
Ridgewood Camera Club

Bufftail Coronet
Jerry Fornarotto, PPSA
Ridgewood Camera Club
GROUP B    (Click image to enlarge)

Green Crowned Brilliant
Patricia Walsh
South Shore Camera Club

Donna Bourdon
Photographic Society of Chattanooga

Great Bustard in Flight
Dave Woodland
The Evolve Group

Bear Protecting His Fish
Alan Walker, EPSA
Keswick Photographic Society
Buzzard Confrontation
Ronnie Gilbert
Keswick Photographic Society