Image of Year - Nature

Nature Division 2014 Image of the Year - Prints of the Year Winners

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In 2015 for 2014 exhibitions, 545 digital images/ prints were eligible from 243 entrants in 40 countries, and 304 images and 35 prints were submitted from 126 entrants in 28 countries.

Print of the Year, 14 pts
Brentis Daphne
Rene Van Echelpoel, PPSA, Belgium
Honor Award, 13 pts
Rufus Female in Forest
Larry Cowles, FPSA, GMPSA-b, California, USA
Honor Award, 13pts
Polar Bear Playing
Phillip T.R. Kwan, GMPSA
Toronto, Canada
Honor Award, 13 pts
Zebras Migration
Min Sheng Ku, MPSA, Taiwan