Nature Interclub Results

2013-2014 Nature Interclub Round 2 Awards

GROUP A    (Click image to enlarge)
Cactus Flower
Karen Busack, Saguaro Camera Club
Pure Gluttony
Bill Willis, Merrimack Valley Camera Club
Terry Molter, East Troy Viewfinders
Feeding Time for Loon Chicks
Ed McQuirk, Boston West Photographic
Rosamund Macfarland, West Cumbria PG
GROUP B    (Click image to enlarge)
Pileated Woodpecker
Gene Davis, Forest Grove Camera Club
Jaguar Kill
David Wheeler, Vienna Photographic Soc
Siskin Dispute
John R. Barlow, Chorely Photographic Soc
Little Owl in Snow
Adrian Lines, Chorely Photographic Soc
Gull with Fish
Roy Rimmer, Wigan 10 Foto Club