PSA Club Recognition Consultant


‚úČ Signe Emmerich, HonPSA, EPSA·


Just as most individuals respond favorably to receiving recognition, photography clubs can be inspired when the club receives recognition for its efforts.  With this in mind, PSA has several programs that address the various areas where a PSA-member club may have accomplished outstanding work during a year.  The Consultant can help your club or council to apply for these PSA recognition awards (except Interclub Competition entry which has its own Consultant).


The PSA Interclub Competitions all lead to a "ranking" after each judging and at the end of each competition year (some within skill levels).  There are club web site and club newsletter contests.  The PSA Exhibition has a Club Award for those clubs with members receiving the highest scores.   There is a PSA Service Award for club service.  PSA-member Councils of camera clubs have their own yearly Council's Challenge with rankings in three areas and an overall winner.

PSA Interclub Competition Awards

The PSA Interclub Competitions have been described in another section; however, the significance of the recognition received by the PSA-member club and individual club members from Interclub Competitions cannot be stressed too often.

The results of each PSA Interclub Competition and the Interclub End of Year judging are reported as a News Item on the PSA web site homepage and in the "Division News" near the back of each PSA Journal.  The Club Rep can pass around the PSA Journal issues with the names of club members.  The ribbons received from an Interclub Competition should be presented in front of the entire club and photos of the presentation can be posted on the club web site.

PSA Club Web Site Contest

Getting club members involved in the annual PSA Club Web Site Contest can be very rewarding. Try to get your club to enter this year.

PSA Club Newsletter Contest

Another PSA contest that can bring club members together on a project is the PSA International Club Newsletter Contest. One issue of the club newsletter needs to be selected and an online vote of the club membership can be exciting.  Hopefully your club can enter this contest this year.

PSA International Exhibition, Pictoral Print Division Club Award

For the annual PSA International Exhibition, the PSA Pictorial Print Division offers special awards for the Best Camera Club Entry.  These awards are available in Small Color, Small Monochrome, Large Color, and Large Monochrome prints.  A club must have seven (7) or more entries to be eligible.  The cumulative scores for the top seven (7) exhibitors from each club are added up.  The club with the highest cumulative score receives First place, the next highest cumulative score receives Second place, and the next highest receives Third place.  The winning clubs are listed on the PSA Exhibition web site for one year.

PSA Club Service Awards

The PSA Club Service Awards acknowledge the many major photographic service efforts made by PSA-member clubs in communities world-wide. One proposer and two endorsers are required for the PSA Club Service Award.  The PSA Club Service Awards are presented each year during the Opening Meeting of the PSA Conference.  The club(s) receiving the award are listed in the October issue of the PSA Journal.

PSA Council's Challenge

The International organizations that include several camera clubs; whether the group of clubs is called a Council, a Federation, or an Association, are all eligible to enter the annual PSA Council's Challenge.  Each "group" may enter ten color digital images from ten makers, ten monochrome digital images from ten makers, and ten prints by ten different makers.  There are separate judgings for each category, individual winners are selected, and a ranking for all the groups that entered is listed.  The scores for each category are tallied and an overall winning "group" is identified.  If you belong to a group of camera clubs, encourage the group to enter the PSA Council's Challenge.