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Support for Photography Research – Amon Carter Museum

The Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas was established through the generosity of a leading citizen of Fort Worth, Amon G. Carter, Sr.  The museum and research library opened in 1961 with free admission to make it available to everyone.  It specializes in North American Art, Photography, and Art History and houses one of the preeminent collections of American photography. The museum was expanded in 2001 and now has climate controlled vaults and a state-of-the-art conservation center.

The late Laura Gilpin, APSA, an accomplished PSA member and well-known professional photographer of the early 20th century, bequeathed her personal library to the Amon Carter Research Library. Her two copies of the 1956 PSA International Exhibition Catalog marked the beginning of the library's collection of PSA International Exhibition Catalogs. PSA also has a collection at PSA Headquarters, which contained some duplicates. In April 2010, the Society donated the duplicate copies of PSA Exhibition Catalogs to the Amon Carter Research Library, as the library is well known for its catalog collections and offers archival storage, catalog preservation, and facilities to the scholarly community for research. The Society is unable to provide those services at PSA Headquarters. This record of PSA's significant role in photography exhibitions through the establishment of the PSA Exhibition Standards, which standardized and made possible the consistent operation of photographic exhibitions worldwide, will be available for any future photography research effort. The PSA Exhibition Catalogs provide valuable documentation of changes in the photographic art form and the influences of technological advances on exhibitions and photography in general.

A number of individual PSA members have also contributed their personal copies of catalogs, adding to the Amon Carter Research Library collection, as well as to the PSA Headquarters collection.  Catalog donations to PSA from individuals will continue to be accepted until both collections are complete.

PSA is preparing a list of the PSA Library of photography books, housed at PSA Headquarters, for the Amon Carter Library to consider adding some or all to their holdings of over 50,000 books. The Amon Carter is preparing a list of the PSA Journals they do not have, and PSA is making every effort to ensure that a complete set of PSA Journals will be preserved at the Amon Carter Library.

PSA and PSA members have contributed 48 annual PSA International Exhibition of Photography Catalogs; over 50 years of PSA Journals; and one copy of the book, 75th Anniversary of the Photographic Society of America, copyright 2009, to the Amon Carter Library.