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Venkata Krishnan Ganeshan·

Venkata Krishnan Ganesan (Venky) was born in Chennai in South India in 1986. Having grown up both next to the sea and midst of colour with chaos love of the abstraction grew tremendously. Throughout his life, he has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. Naturally, he was drawn to photography. The interest was cultivated during his teen years and further developed when he opted to take her Bachelor's Degree in Visual communication at The University of Madras. Soon after he had a show on colour and abstraction in 2007 at the Lalit Kala Academy in Chennai.

After completing his degree, Mr. Ganesan delved even more into his photographic practice, which involved Abstraction and colour. The images, that he takes on her walks in the Abstraction of everything been shot, are only part of the narrative. It is a collaboration between the artist and the colour filled with abstraction. His artistic work Fetched him the opportunity as a commercial photography in India working across the country as an advertising photographer. Shooting for the top agencies and brands of the world based in the Indian subcontinent. He cherishes this connection with Abstraction as a technique. He feels that the artistic exchange between the Abstraction and the artist opens up many opportunities.

He pursued his one-year certification course in Photography in New York at the New York Film Academy. After which he was shown at a group show in New York, NYFA Graduation show of work "Window and Wardrobe" and the Dominican Republic at DREFF work talking about the "environment of the country" in 2016. He is now working as an artist and a portrait photographer at his studio in Brooklyn.