Travel Advisory Service

PSA Travel Advisory Service Director

‚úČ Tom Tauber, APSA, MPSA· 


   Planning a Trip?

Seek the Help of a PSA Travel Aide!

For assistance with your upcoming trip, contact us by clicking the red "Make a Travel Advisory Request" button (below). We will try to set you up with a person who is knowledgeable regarding your destination area. Please remember that these members are volunteers, and you will need to allow ample time for the contact.


What Is a Travel Aide?
A Travel Aide is a PSA member who volunteers to provide information to another PSA member about what, when, and where to photograph in a specific geographic area. These aides are found all over the world—in many of the more than 70 countries where PSA members exist. So, no matter where you are traveling—in the States or abroad—we may have a Travel Aide who is knowledgeable about photography in that area.

What If I Want to Become a Travel Aide?
We are looking for additional Travel Aides for all regions of the world. If you have a good working knowledge of the photographic opportunities where you live or where you have travelled, and are willing to share that information with PSA members, send the director an email. To make personal contact with visitors once they get to an area that you may live is not required, and is entirely up to you.

An Added Note to Both Travel Aides and Travelers
The greatness of PSA is its members. This is a fabulous way to make contact—and possibly develop long-term friendships—with fellow photographers from all over the world. Would YOU like to be part of such a program??