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Sheri Sparks

Sheri enjoys photographing the world around her, especially nature. She has been a member of Riverwoods Nature Photographic Society since 1984; Lake County Camera Club since 2014; and North Shore Camera Club since 2017. Positions she has held in those clubs are President, Vice President in Charge of Programs and Competition, Newsletter Editor, and Outings Committee. She has also been active on the board of the Chicago Area Camera Club Association since 2001 of which she has held several positions including President, Newsletter Editor, Competition Chair, Spring Salon Chair, Web assistant and the Program Coordinator for the last three CAPS- Chicago Area Photography School.

For PSA she has been a part of the data entry team for the Acceptance Data Bank 2017 and Vice President of the Chicago Chapter of PSA 2017. Sheri has won numerous awards for her photography through her local club and the Chicago Area Camera Club association including Photographer of the Year and the Kohout Nature Photography Award for excellence in nature photography and teaching of nature and nature photography.

Sheri has recently retired as a nurse of 40 years from Kenosha Hospital. She enjoys bike riding with her husband Wayne, travelling and having fun with their Golden Retriever/Lab mix Sebastian. In her spare time she helps out at their local food pantry plus enjoys activities with the senior group from their church.