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Selma Seyitdanlioglu

Selma Seyitdanlioglu started photgraphy by taking Basic Photgraphy Education at FSK ( Fotograf Sanati Kurumu) in 2009. Believing that photography is not just taking pictures, she took; Nature, Theory-Fiction, Wedding Photography, Macro, Macro in Nature, Portre workshops and Advanced Photography Seminars. She participated not only in individual activities but also combined photography exhibitions.

She practiced in Documentary Photography and Photo-Interview majors. Also published photography articles in various magazines. She worked as a Board Member and Photography teacher at FSK for two years. She's been working with SERCEV( Serebral Palsili Çocuklar Dernegi ) projects, and is a founder member in ( ENFOD) Engelsiz Fotoğraf Derneği which is founded fort he same purpose. The organisation's aim is to gain each disabled person to society by the help of photography, and to bring an awareness.

She is graduated from AOF Management and AOF Photography and Camera. She is married and mother of two daughters.