Robert Walling

I am a member of the Latow Photographers Guild of Burlington Ontario and the Etibicoke Camera Club of Toronto Ontario My personal site is found at http://www.imagesbyrobertwalling.ca

I have been working with digital images for some time and would like contact with others who work with digital images. I have been involved in Photography as a hobby and as a semi-professional since I was a teenager. I am also a computer professional, so computer jargon doesn't bother me. In fact, if others have questions about hardware setup or software problems (although I don't have all the answers) I would be happy to assist in any way that I can. I still work with my venerable Pentax K10, but I am also using a so-called bridge camera, the Lumix FZ1000.

I find that the compact nature of this cameras suits my style of photography very well. My chief areas of interest are architecture, botany (both cultivated and wild.) landscapes, sports and portraiture. I also work with monochrome images. Current software makes this a very interesting area in which to work. I like to create AV shows some of which are found on my website. Have a look! Cheers Bob Walling