Ria Sharma, BPSA

Ria Sharma is an Indian artist. Formerly beginning her journey in Dubai, she is a unique combination of an experienced Civil Engineer and a Fine Artist.

Ria has discovered photography as her new found passion. She finds beauty in the simplicity of life. Her ability to connect with anyone & anywhere gives her the opportunity to explore people and places. Her desire to travel has made her connected to various places and cultures. Now she desires to resonate the same through her lens too.

Always a wanderer, explorer and on the go, Ria thinks her nature gives her opportunity to learn, connect and express. Hence reflecting people, streets and places, the way they are, is not only a natural joy but also a gifted responsibility to propagate the stories of people especially the marginalized and underprivileged. In return, whenever she is greeted with humility and smiles, she seizes the moment as a great treasure.

Recently, she has done an assignment on the lives of Dubai's cobblers. She hopes that the experience of being able to connect with cobblers with such ease and humbleness is well reflected through her lens. But more importantly, the simple stories of non-glamorous hands, busy at mending broken shoes, reach a bigger audience.

She has presented at SBCF Meeting - aMoM#4 in D3 and exhibited in CV3 - a group photographic show organized by The RPS in The Cube, Dubai. She has been awarded HM ribbons in PSA Interclub contest and ISNY International Exhibition in USA apart from a dozen International acceptations of her works. She is an active Member of Shutter Bugs Creative Forum Dubai since 2019.