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Randy Dykstra

Randy's love of nature, wildlife and photography has always been a huge passion. He first started taking photographs over 40 years ago in high school, when he also learned everything from taking photos to working in a darkroom. He was an avid backpacker, which gave him plenty of opportunities for nature photography. In the early 1990s Randy became a professional SCUBA diving instructor (PADI), which opened completely new worlds of photography.

Today, Randy is fortunate enough to be able to follow his passions and turn his lifelong hobby into a vocation. Instead of the darkroom of his youth, he spends his days working with Lightroom and Photoshop and shares his knowledge and experiences though classes, workshops and tours. Randy also gives back to the community as he's been a VP of a camera club, and runs two large Meetup Groups (over 9000 members) and makes speaking presentations to numerous groups. His ongoing and future projects include working on educational and photography books, writing and photographing for magazine articles, speaking engagements