PSA Logos

Use of the PSA logo by PSA members

PSA members (individuals, clubs, and Councils) in good standing are encouraged to display the PSA logo as a way to identify their membership in PSA. The logo consists of its art design and the words Photographic Society of America®. The logo must be used in its entirety and the colors cannot be altered. The word "Member" or "Member since XXXX" should be displayed directly below the PSA logo. Individuals, clubs, and Councils in good standing are "members" and the term "affiliated with" should not be used.

The logo may appear on current members business cards, literature, electronic correspondence, and web sites. Use of the PSA logo or PSA's name or acronym by non-members or members that have allowed their membership to lapse due to non-payment is forbidden.

Please refer to PSA's official logo policy for specific rules regarding usage of the PSA logo.

The PSA logo can be downloaded in several formats.  Clicking each linked format will either begin an immediate download or will open up an image that can be saved.

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