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This list of volunteer opportunities is updated regularly. Members who are interested in one of the positions listed, should read about the program or activity on the webpage that is linked, read the Master Operating Manual (MOM) for the position if it is linked, and complete the Volunteer Application. The volunteer will be contacted as soon as possible.

Members who have a PSA position in need of a volunteer need to provide the information requested on the Post a PSA Volunteer Position form and the position will be posted on this page.

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  • TEACH A PHOTO TRAVEL COURSE - Posted January 11, 2021
    We are currently looking for volunteers to be Instructors for the PhotoTravel course. All potential Instructors would first need to complete the course.

    Guidance and support is provided to the Instructors. The PT Division has written an Advanced Course which consists of 6 Lessons. Completion of the course would see students demonstrate a complete understanding of all aspects of the PT Definition along with the scoring system. Ideally, but not essential, students would have had some experience at judging at either a National or International level, have a ROPA distinction and possibly have completed both Image Evaluation and Image Critique courses.

    Please contact Stephanie Sioras, education-administrator@psa-photo.org
  • BECOME PART OF THE MEMBERSHIP TEAM - posted October 20, 2020

       United States: The following States need Membership Directors: ALASKA, MICHIGAN, MISSOURI, NORTH DAKOTA. SOUTH DAKOTA, TENNESSEE, VERMONT, VIRGINIA, WEST VIRGINIA and WYOMING.  To become a Director, you must reside in the state.

       Canada: The following Provinces need Membership Directors: MANITOBA, NEW BRUNSWICK, NEWFOUNDLAND and SASKATCHEWAN. To become a Director, you must reside in the Province. 

    To volunteer or ask for more information, contact Membership VP, Andy Hayes, PPSA ARPS EFIAP/s.  membershipVP@psa-photo.org

  • EDUCATION DEPARTMENT - Posted October 20, 2020

    The Education Department has a volunteer opportunity for an instructor for the Still Life Course. The candidate must be an accomplished still life photographer. For information please contact the education administrator  administrator@psa-photo.org

  • BECOME A PSA MENTOR - posted October 20, 2020

    A mentor is needed for Panoramic Photography. The mentor must be proficient in this special field. Please contact Sanjoy Sengupta, GMPSA, BPSA, EFIAP/b at director-mentors-consultants@psa-photo.org

  • BECOME PART OF THE MEMBERSHIP TEAM - Posted September 8, 2020

    The following states need State Membership Directors: ALASKA, MISSOURI, NORTH DAKOTA. SOUTH DAKOTA, TENNESSEE, VERMONT, VIRGINIA and WYOMING.  To become a Director, you must reside in the state.  To volunteer or ask for more information, contact MemVP, Andy Hayes,  PPSA ARPS EFIAP/s.    membershipVP@psa-photo.org


    Advertising Sales Representative

    Primary objective is to acquire new advertising for the PSA Journal. Candidate will contact photo equipment manufacturers, large photo retailers and travel & workshop leaders to promote advertising in the Journal. Will research current pricing and develop programs to increase advertising. Candidate should live in the USA.  Contact the Publications VP pubvp@psa-photo.org

  • PSA ADVERTISEMENTS - posted May 8, 2019
    Do you have a background in advertising?  The PSA Journal needs a volunteer to procure advertisements for the Journal.  Please email PresPSA@psa-photo.org
  • WRITE FOR THE PSA JOURNAL - posted November 13, 2018

    Write for the PSA Journal

    Write and submit articles on all facets of photography to the PSA Journal editor.  Email Editor Donna Brennan for advice on how to write your article.  editor@psa-photo.org 

    PSA TRAVEL ADVISORY SERVICE seeks volunteer Travel Aides for all areas of the world to provide information, on request, to prospective PSA member travelers on where to find optimal photographic opportunities within the geographical areas of their expertise. Contact Tom Tauber, MPSA, tetauber@comcast.net.