South Carolina

Paul Halphen

After retiring, Paul adopted photography as his primary hobby, pushing aside golf and woodworking. Until then, international business responsibilities and travel precluded anything more than snapshots of the many countries he visited. Using a 4 mp Kodak point and shoot, he captured many rememberances of his travels; but few of them were to the standard which he hoped some day to achieve. The big SLR or DSLR wasn't in the luggage as the travel was "strictly business."

Now, while the travel isn't international anymore, it's leisurely, and suited to photography. And, there's so much opportunity that doesn't even involve travel... But, it does involve TIME...time which he has now.

Until last year, Paul's digital cameras were Canon. Now, Olympus, specifically the OMD EM-1 Mark II. He doesn't have a "favorite" type of photography, and enjoys shooting people to old cars, landscapes to closeups, animals to insects. Light feeds his fascination with photography.

Paul is VP of the Spartanburg (SC) Photo Guild and its PSA rep for the PID. He's also a member of the Carolina Nature Photographers' Association, and is its PSA rep for the PPD Interclub Print Competition. Participation in the PSA and these other groups have added immensely to his knowledge and skill, thanks to the many skilled members who are willing to share what they know with others.