Patrick Burke

Patrick Burke is a retired research chemist living Southern California. Patrick's interest in photography began at a young age when he was given a Rolfix Franka FW folding camera, vintage 1948, by a family friend. Interest in photography waxed and waned over succeeding years along with his budget for film and development costs and the time available to devote to the hobby. Interest was rekindled periodically with the acquisition of a new camera including an Argus C3, a Nikkormat FTN, a Nikon Coolpix 4500, a Nikon D90, and most recently a Nikon D7100.

The advent of digital photography and the almost instant gratification possible from one's photos has sustained his interest in photography now for the past several years. He enjoys taking all types of photos, but particularly enjoys macro photography. Patrick joined the ACES (Anaheim Camera Enthusiasts) in 2010 and has learned a great deal about what makes an excellent photo from his fellow members and the judges of the club's frequent competitions. He joined PSA in 2013.