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Necdet Yasar

I was born in Safranbolu on 01.07.1963. I did my primary, secondary and high school education in Karabük. I graduated from Bolu Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration… Between 1991-1995, I worked in Karabük Voice of the Region and Western Black Sea Express Newspapers. I was a columnist and a reporter. I published an art leaf in the Regional Voice Newspaper for 2 years. In 1995 I started working in Agricultural Credit Cooperatives. I retired from this institution in March 2014. I am married. I have two daughters. My interest in photography started in middle school years. I opened my first exhibition when I was a university student. In 2013, I founded Finike Photography Club in virtual environment.

I have been working as a photography instructor since 2014. Between 2015 and 2017, I worked as a photography instructor at KUTSO with the support of Kumluca Chamber of Commerce. I worked as a trainer of the Digital Photography basic education at Finike Public Education Center between 2017-2018. My photos were published in various newspapers and magazines. My personal photo exhibition titled SafTime in Safranbolu in 1984 in Bolu Cultural Center; 2011 Kumluca Agriculture Festivals Group Photography Exhibition; 2012 Kumluca Agriculture Festivals Group Photography Exhibition; Anfok Photography Club 6th Year Group Exhibition in 2014; 2014 Finike Public Education Center Group Photography Exhibition; 2015 Finike Photography Club Group Photo Exhibition; 2017 Salihli Photomarathon Purchase Award; 2018 1st Lykia Photomarathon Organizing Committee and Jury. 2018 Öztan Özatay 10th International Photography Contest Exhibition 2018 Salihli Photomarathon Group Photo Exhibition