Michael R. Anderson

Michael R. Anderson joined PSA in 2014 as a "transplant" from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). He was the Membership Director in two PPA affiliate clubs and received multiple Member of The Year awards and was the recipient of the Jerry Aucker Memorial Award for for his support of charities through the donation of his fine art photography.

He was awarded a Fellow of Photography Degree by the Oregon Professional Photographers Association (OPPA) and a Master of Photography Degree by PPA. In addition to the support of charities tied to children, Michael's primary focus in PPA was membership recruitment at the local level in PMPA and OPPA.

After joining PSA he founded three PSA Digital Fine Art Study Group and in 2018 and focused on using the educational benefits in the recruitment of over 30 new PSA members. He also became active in the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4Cs) and received their highest honorary award, the Maxine Van Hoy Award.

In 2018 became the PSA Director of Mentor Services and he is currently focused on promoting those educational benefits in the recruitment of more PSA members through his contacts and using his expertise in Internet marketing via social media outlets. His goal is to enhance the PSA educational experience and to recruit younger PSA members that will help shape the future of PSA.