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Mark Aksoy

My interest in photography goes back to childhood when my father let me click a few pictures with his Kodak Retina camera on family vacations. It became more serious when I purchased my first SLR and joined the Delaware County Camera Club in the early 80's. I remain a veteran, active member of that club, having served as President, Competition Manager and now Webmaster.

Joining PSA in 1986, I have contributed to Print of the Month judging and currently participate in Digital Dialogue Study Group 10. My photographic "style" is an eclectic mix of natural and surreal. My first love was landscapes, especially those of the American West. Here nature is writ large on a grand stage, with distant mountain backdrops or a horizon tending to infinity. Then in the 90s, working with scanned slides and Photoshop, I discovered creative photography even before having a digital camera.

With the passing of years and purchase of a more extensive lens kit, I have branched into macro (primarily floral) and PJ. As with all my images, I try to work "from the heart“ - filters, effects, and software are only means to this end. Photography is a fabulous hobby and, dare I say, a lifestyle, which teaches you to see the world anew, in a fresh and meaningful way. I am fond of the photoquote that "though our cameras can capture an instant in time, the photographer must strive to capture timelessness in an instant."