Nevada Galleries

Marie H. Schreiber

Originally from NYC, Marie Schreiber relocated to Nevada several years after retiring as a teacher and school social worker with the NYC school system. The wide open spaces of Nevada gave her very different subject matter to photograph than she had back east. Macro photography, and looking for patterns were big interests. Now in Nevada, she added landscapes to her interests.

Marie joined the Reno Photo Club and then PSA. Shortly after that, she volunteered as Who's Who Director for the PTD. She then became ND Treasurer, SRD for PJ and the PTD. Currently she is Treasurer for Nature and Travel as well as Membership Director for PTD.

Photography combined with travel gives her the wonderful opportunity to meet new people, and see many different parts of the world. She believes that getting out to photograph is a great, relaxing opportunity even if she is just photographing in her back yard.

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