I am a retired language arts educator who taught from elementary to college levels for 35 years. Ever since I got my first camera, a Kodak Duaflex IV, I have always been interested in the artistic, even magic, capabilities of photography. In the 1970s before my first trip to Europe, I entered the SLR world with a Minolta SRT-101. The photo opportunities in various foreign cities were overwhelming: people, architecture, art and nature.

Upon my return and seeing the hundreds of slides that varied from brilliant captures to either over- or under-exposed ones, I joined a photo club for technical advice. Moreover, this experience led me to enroll in a dark room class, where I was first frustrated with learning to roll film unto the reel in total darkness. Once conquering this challenge, I was eventually intrigued by the smells of solutions and the mystic appearance of an image in the tray. As film photography gradually diminished, I initially resisted switching to digital.

Ultimately, though, I capitulated by purchasing a Sony camera, the first of many; this allowed me to adapt some of my vintage Rokkor glass to complement the new Sony G lenses.

Through the years I have received awards, have had numerous photos published and exhibited and have benefited from lucrative commissions; no matter what, there is still and will always be--the joy of simply grabbing a camera, going to the nearest nature center as the golden light appears or strolling down a busy street to see what serendipity brings before reality calls me back.

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