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Joseph Chunko

"Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art." — Ansel Adams. Many years ago Ansel Adams decided that shooting photos in Black and White produced more interesting details in his photos that the ones he was taking in color. All photos in those days were shot on film so there was no conversion as there is today from color to black & white via computer, you had to get it right the first time. He became the leader in black and white photography.

Although I shoot my photos in color, I'm always looking each time to capture the perfect photo to convert to black and white. Born in PA, US Navy Veteran, spent 40 years in the printing industry where I was exposed to numerous facets of photography. Saw many examples of outstanding photography and what it takes to shoot great photos. I have chosen to use SONY as my cameras of choice and enjoy shooting mostly outdoors. Love to capture the moment. I am a member of the West Chester Photo Club, Great Cincinnati Photo Club, Ohio Valley Camera Club, Photographic Society of America I have been fortunate to have been a winner three different times for the PSA Print of The Month in the Magazine.