Joey Johnson

My interest in photography began when I received my first camera for Christmas when I was eight years old. At that time, it was a way of recording the moments I shared with family and friends. At the same age, I began my deep relationship with the beauty of nature through my experiences at summer camp. The photography class I took in high school opened up the world of photography as art for me. When the instructor stated that every photo does not have to include a person, it freed me to begin combining my love of nature with my developing photographic skills. During the 70s and 80s, I worked with black and white film, doing my own developing and printing in a bathroom darkroom.

I also had the unique opportunity to bring my passion and skills into my workplace. As a teacher of high school students with special needs, I helped them learn the art and techniques of black and white photography in an accessible environment. Living in northern California, I am within a few hours of some of the most beautiful areas in the world and my "darkroom" is much more comfortable than my bathroom darkroom use to be. I am constantly learning new techniques and skills to enhance my photography. In the past few years I have been honored to have my work chosen in juried exhibitions in Northern California galleries such as Viewpoint Photography Art Gallery, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, the North Valley Art League Gallery and the California State Fair.