Hans Zima

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Hans Zima has been interested in and practicing photography since his childhood, beginning with a 1930s Leica given to him by his father, and proceeding through film technology and darkroom work all the way to today's high-resolution software-supported digital and HDR technology.

Hans's professional career as a researcher and professor in computer science took him across the world, resulting in countless opportunities for meeting people and recording fascinating landscapes, architectures, and urban scenes all over the globe. The strongest focus of his art work so far has been nature and landscape photography.

Hans has been living in Southern California for the past 15 years, enjoying the climate, scenery, and people in this region of the world. Since retiring in 2011 from full-time work in his scientific job he has pursued professional status in photography, cooperating with many artists in the area and beyond, and taking part in gallery exhibits across the region.

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