Grant Gregor

I'm originally from Bethlehem, PA, having settled in North Delaware about 35 years ago. I am a professional land surveyor, something I started in high school and stayed with ever since. It has given me countless opportunities to be out in nature, when I was still doing the field surveys.

Having since moved inside doing design, my well entrenched love of the outdoors kept me getting out as often as I could. My interest in photography started some 30 years ago and I've "dabbled" at it ever since. I kayak as much as I can from the spring thru fall and these times offer some interesting photo opportunities.

I entered the digital world about 8 years ago with the purchase of a Nikon "CoolPix" and loved the concept of multiple images to choose the best from. I've been using a Nikon D5000 DSLR for the last 4 years and that has sparked my interest immensely. Hence my interest in the Society, where I hope to expand my knowledge and abilities further. I also have a great love of flowers and architecture and they are other photographic subjects I seek.