Esther Steffens

I have had some kind of a camera for many years (my father was a very good amateur photographer), but got interested in photography as a hobby around the time my first child was born in 1971. My father gave me a Pentax SLR and I took a couple courses and got into developing my own black and white prints.

Two children and a career as a librarian later, I joined the Delaware Photographic Society (2005 or so), got more serious and began entering competitions. I have only entered a couple PSA sanctioned competitions. I enjoy travel (my last big trip was to Australia and New Zealand for five weeks and I have done a number of shorter trips in this country), reading, attending Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, music (from opera to bluegrass), going to art museums, and my two grandchildren who live in MN.

My spiritual home is Cape Cod where I have spent all or part of my summers since I was six weeks old. My biggest accomplishment, other than my three children, is that I climbed Mount  Kilimanjaro in 1998. Joint problems keep me from doing highly physical things now, but I keep active and busy. I have been divorced since 2002 and my promise to myself then was that I would continue to travel (I didn't do too much until my children were out of college) and I have!