Ed O'Rourke

Ed's interest in photography started after college when he moved to Seattle and started hiking in the Cascade mountains. But then things of life, like getting married, raising kids, mortgage, etc. kept him from putting significant effort into it. With that behind them, Ed and his wife retired to the Central Oregon Coast in 2017 and now with extra time he is re-invigorating his photographic interests.

Considering where his initial photographic interests developed and the exceptionally scenic area where he now lives Ed gravitates toward outdoor photography with lots of landscapes and seascapes. However Ed likes to explore all types of photography that present themselves to him (the WET winters on the Oregon Coast give him time to work on indoor still life and macro photography on days when he wants to stay dry).

Ed's introduction to digital photography was when he received a Canon 7D as a gift in 2011. It was his only camera until November 2019 when he purchased a Canon R. For post processing Ed take a unique direction as his computer is Linux based. However two Linux packages, DigiKam and Darktable, are functionally comparable to Photoshop and Lightroom and Gimp is available for Linux and Windows systems.

Ed is an active member of the Siuslaw Viewfinders Camera Club and has served as its Vice President.