David Edwards

Dave Edwards's photography venture began at the age of 9 when his parents bought him a $5.00 Brownie box camera. Soon after the purchase, the family left for a summer vacation at Niagara Falls. This was the start of Dave's lifelong journey in photography.

Over the next several decades, Dave always seemed to have a camera around his neck. After 11 rewarding years of portrait and wedding photography, Dave went in a new direction. He is retired from photo-documenting weddings and continues to phase out of portrait photography. In their place Dave is focusing on landscape photography, presenting programs, writing, judging photo contests, and iPhoneography.

He particularly loves to present educational lessons on how to take better photographs. His goal is to help people become better photographers and increase environmental awareness through his images. Dave's photography adventures continue, a passion that began at the age of 9. In Dave's spare time he enjoys volunteering with not-for-profit organizations, acrylic painting on canvas, reading, biking, and hiking particularly in Arizona. Dave also loves including his wife Diane in his many adventures, and entertaining their grandchildren. Dave's articles have been published in the PSA Journal, "Walldogs Invade Beaver Dam," March 2019, "Chance Favors a Prepared Mind," May 2018, "Joining Cycling and Photography," February 2015. He manages PSA Digital Dialogue 51 - "Phoneography," and a member of Digital Dialogue 23 - General. For more about Dave, visit his website at www.daveimages.com