North America Membership

Saskatchewan Province Membership Director (PMD):
Click here to contact the membership director.

Manitoba Province Membership Director (PMD):
✉ Don Berthman, APSA·

Ontario Province Membership Director (PMD):
✉ Francis King, GMPSA/B·

Canadian Plains Area Membership Director (AMD):

Position Available ✉

I would like to welcome you to the many activates available with your PSA membership. If you are a New Member in PSA, I encourage you to submit an image on the "New Member Gallery." With your membership you will receive the PSA Journal. There are online mentors and consultants, online classes, and many discounts on software. Each year there is a PSA Conference. There are many more great opportunities and you will find them all on the PSA website.

If you have questions about anything please contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions. Once again, welcome and hope you will enjoy many years of great opportunities as a PSA member.