South Carolina

Bob Spalding

I have been involved in photography since the 1970s. I started out shooting 4-H events (through Clemson University Extension Service) with both B&W and slide film. When digital photography came along in the early 90s, I switch over. Now I only shoot digital. When I started out, I was fortunate enough to have help from the Clemson University photographers. They taught me the basic of darkroom work. I was then able to setup my own darkroom to process all my B&W photos. I am basically a self taught photographer. However, I have attended several photo workshops since 2005.

I read a lot and I have taken several on-line photo classes. I have taught photography since the 70s, specifically to youth here in South Carolina. In around 2007 I started working with the Road Scholar program, teaching at least one workshop a year. I also teach with Olli (Osher Livelong Living Institute) at Furman University.

By trade, I am an Event Photographer. I have shot various events from Wounded Soldiers week and weekend retreats, to individual events such as a Mother-Son Dance, Indian Day in Greenville, SC, etc. My main photography interest is Nature Photography, especially Landscape Photography. I have a goal to photograph all the 58 National Parks in the US. To date, I have done 46. However, I will photograph anything that interests me.

I became a Webmaster for Clemson University in the early 90s when the web was starting to develop. Since then, I have developed my own site, where I have a lot training material as well as my galleries. One major feature of my website is a listing of photographic areas in upstate South Carolina. The individual sites give a photographer an idea about the location, directions, what to consider when shooting. I have also added at least one photo of the area.