Bob McCaffrey

Bob started taking pictures when his Grandmother gave him a "Dick Tracey" Camera for his 6th birthday. He later moved up to a baby Brownie and began developing and printing in black and white when he was about 8. Having a father with a darkroom helped. As he grew older, he used his father's Kodak 35 (with a pop bottle lens) then borrowed a Kodak Signet 35 (with an excellent lens) from his Uncle when he was in high school. His uncle never got it back.

In Bob's senior year he was student photographer for the yearbook. He continued photography as a hobby through college and received a Ricoh 35mm SLR as a graduation present. He later moved on to Nikon equipment Bob continued to enjoy photography throughout his professional career in the railroad supply industry and while raising a family with his wife Cindy, also a photographer. He shot color slides and continued to enjoy black and white film photography.

In 2006 he made the switch to digital and hasn't looked back. Bob joined the Delaware Photographic Society in 2009 and has served in various capacities including president. Bob travels extensively and has done numerous workshops with various photographers.