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Alison McMahan

Alison McMahan lives with her husband and two teen foster children in Manchester, NH (just moved there from South Florida). She's a writer, teacher, and retired filmmaker. Her interest in photography started when she took a semester of photography in college and developed her black and white images in a closet in her  apartment.

In graduate film school she learned about film cameras and video cameras. She worked in non-fiction film/video until the 2008 recession, mostly as a writer/producer so her tech skills are rudimentary. By the time the film work dried up she had a Canon 5D Mark III which she used mostly in her video work.

Now she's interested in learning how to take good still pictures. Member of PSA since 2018, she's working her way through the free PSA courses. She's been in the DD40 study group since 2018. Member of a camera club in South Florida since 2017, now looking forward to getting to know NH club members.