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Alane Shoemaker

Alane has always loved taking pictures and traveling, traits inherited from her father. An English teacher, she has also loved writing as well as editing her photos, a trait inherited from her mother who was a talented artist. One of eight children, Alane has always documented family events with pictures. In 1997 she was fortunate enough to travel around the world with her parents and sister.

Alane loves taking pictures of animals, people, landscapes, street scenes, tranquil and stormy nature, architecture, and anything and everything that strikes her fancy! When Alane traveled with her husband, who sadly died in 2013, they always included literary sites for Alane and all things train for Hal, an avid train buff!

In addition to photography, traveling, theater, film, and literature, snorkeling and swimming are also major passions. Alane has fully submerged in the frozen Arctic Ocean, whitewater rafted at Iguazu Falls, caught piranha in The Amazon, ridden a helicopter over Victoria Falls, hiked a dirt road to a Namibian village, driven from Cincinnati to Alaska and back, ridden an Asian elephant in India and an African elephant in Africa, and placed a prayer for her husband in the Wailing Wall.