Sue Chapman

Sue calls herself a "Photoshopaholic" which is her casual term for a Photography and Photoshop addict! Her husband and daughter will confirm this! Sue will happily photograph anything from landscapes to architecture, people to flowers, commercial products to fun event shoots and more, whether they be classic style shots or creatively montaged imagery. Sue is also very happy to share her knowledge and gains enormous pleasure from teaching others in photographic skills and LR or Photoshop. What more can one ask from something that started out as a hobby back in 2003?

Sue has been an active member of Ashford Photographic Society since 2008 holding the role of Chairman from 2011 - 2015. This helped her gain valuable "Speaking" experience and after having obtained her ARPS with The Royal Photographic Society Sue started Judging within the Kent County Photographic Association and since 2014 has been enjoying the benefits of seeing many other local photographers' work. Oh - and she wouldn't be without Photoshop plug-ins and her Wacom tablet!