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Faith Burns

Shortly after my son was born, I started taking pictures with store (throw-away) cameras with one roll of 35mm film in it. It might have taken me a month or two to finish it, but I always had them developed and had the photos printed (4 X 6s). From then I've always taken memory-photos.

Not until I retired in 2007, then 8 years later my husband and I joined the Photography Club in Sun City, Georgetown, Texas, where we lived after retiring. I had a Coolpix P610. After taking a training class how to understand the DLSR cameras, I bought my first one, the Nikon D7100. I had great mentoring and developed a passion for photography and took thousands of photos and worked hard on my abilities to understand what I was doing.

Just a little over two years later I got the Sony aR7II with a 24mm to 240mm. I love photography and want to continue to get better. I will never stop learning and taking photographs that I can be proud of with the hope of entering more contests, winning sometimes along the way.