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Richard Dister, GMPSA, EFIAP


Richard Dister lives near Mons, Belgium and joined PSA in 1979 when he was a member of the University of Liege camera club. At first, he exhibited in both CPID and Nature. But he began taking Travel photos during and after his first trip outside of Europe, to Ladakh in 1979, a small Himalayan kingdom in North India. He was very amazed by what he saw in Asia and from other countries of Buddhist culture. From then he never stopped traveling and photographing anywhere he could go, but especially in Asia, Africa and South America.

He is very fond of taking pictures of people in their surroundings and also of beautiful landscapes -  sometimes in remote areas far off the beaten path.

Richard received his EPSA in 1998, his MPSA in 2012, and his GMPSA in 2016.  He also has his EFIAP. But beyond this "rain of stars" he finds that the most important benefit of his memberships is his ability to meet people and make friends through the medium of photography. Not yet retired, Richard works as a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in a Belgian hospital where more than 130 of his photos humanize the welcome to the patients.

Show Me, Daddy

Falling in the River

Golden Rock

Blue Lagoon

Smoking Himba