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Shirley Airov-Bieling, PPSA, AFIAP

Shirl Airov-Bieling is a doctor of traditional naturopathy and a retired art therapist. Some people call her Dr Shirl. She had done research in the homeopathic field and published a paper and book on this topic. Shirl's book, "Homeopathy Beyond Avogradro's Number" was illustrated by her with mostly her own photos and drawings.

Before working in the homeopathic field, she worked as an art therapist and art teacher. After partially retiring, she became interested in photography more seriously. Even as a young girl Shirl liked to draw, paint, and take pictures. Her favorite area of photography is pictorial with a focus on flowers and plants. She also likes to draw and create "creative" photos.

In 2014 Shirl joined the Lancaster Photography Association and started entering the Lancaster Photography Association (LPA) and the Southern California Council of Camera Club (S4C) competitions. Since then she has entered many PSA sponsored exhibits and has earned acceptances and awards worldwide. She earned her QPSA in 2018 and her PPSA in 2019.