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Sanjoy Sengupta, GMPSA/B, BPSA, EFIAP/b, GPU CR4·

A Chemical Engineer by profession and a traveler by passion, photography comes to him as an added bonus. Starting from a hotshot point and shoot camera in late 80s to a Nikon FM10 film camera in late 90s, to a day of digital cameras like Canon Powershot A520 and a decent hybrid version Canon SX20IS, which were with him wherever he went to capture some beautiful moments, moments of life which would be cherished forever.

Then when he finally could not resist the alluring pricey Nikon DSLR, the actual learning started from that moment. Since 2014, he took up membership of PSA and since 2015 he started participating in PSA and FIAP salons, improved the basic understanding and skills and the never ending process of learning has become more exciting. He received both his PPSA and his EPSA in 2016. He earned his MPSA in 2017 and his GMPSA in 2019. He earned GMPSA/B in 2021.