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Shehan Trek, PPSA, AFIAP, GPU-VIP 1, GPU CR-2

Shehan Trek has received or earned many photographic honors including: PPSA, AFIAP, GPU-VIP 1,GPU CR-2,GPU "APHRODITE", cMOL, AISF, , AAPS , FOPS, FSAP, , GPA.PESGSPC, HonPESGSPC , ANPAS, LNAPSL He is a banker by profession in a leading bank in Sri Lanka.

"Photography is my passion and it keeps my creativity alive. A huge fan of travel photography and as someone who likes to travel extensively, exotic and remote locations are my forte while I have a soft spot for nature and landscapes as well. Being actively engaged in photography though my living is made through other means, I have been able to gain valuable insight and developed an eye for the finer things in life. I am a Roman Catholic and my driving forces in life are my faith and my family."