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Sharon Prislipsky, APSA, PPSA·

Sharon has had a lifelong interest in photography and art. Her first images as a child were captured with a Brownie Starflash camera which she used throughout her school years. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Liberal Arts Degree taking every art course she could fit into her program of studies. After earning a Master's Degree in Education she pursued a career as a school administrator, where she found she could use photography for staff training purposes and for producing interesting newsletters for the community and for families of her students.

Upon retirement Sharon began to pursue photography in earnest by focusing on landscapes features of the natural environment, including the lines, shapes, colors and textures that make our world beautiful. As time went on she expanded her repertoire to include subjects such as wildlife, architectural details, abandoned buildings, vintage vehicles, and on occasion, portraits in natural light.

Sharon is a member and co-founder of the National Park Photography Club in Hot Springs, Arkansas for which she has served terms as president and as treasurer. She has been a member of PSA since 2011. Her service to PSA includes serving on the Editorial Staff of the PSA Journal. She has earned four Bronze Editorial Stars and one Silver Editorial Star. She is the administrator for two Digital Dialogue Study Groups, and has served as a member and chair of the Greenhood Scholarship Committee. In addition, Sharon has served as the Arkansas and Gulf States Region Membership Director, and Second Vice President of the Print Division.