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Roberto De Leonardis, EPSA, EFIAP/g, AFI

Roberto De Leonardis began to take pictures in 1981, slides first, digital cameras from 2006. He has been FIAF member since 1991, FIAP from 2015, PSA and IUF from 2021, and member of "local group" from 1988. The author used to take documentative photos especially people in his environment and landscape. He is a polyhedral author as he experienced different photographic activities during his life. -He has pictures in many books and magazines: like FIAF monographs, group books, North American magazines as Nikon advertising during 2004, calendar BNL (work National bank), others. -

He has participated at collective expositions: Polaris at LEM1 in Rho Fiera, Montier en der's Photo festival in 2015, at Arkema worldphotocontest award done in Paris, many others. - He taught at ITIS Cannizzaro Rho photography basic course for 5 years from 2002 to 2007. He also produced pictures and AV to promote this school and cooperate to documentate school activity and history.

Instagram #FIAFERS awarded a nice number of his pictures. - Photocompetitons: -HM and pubblication on Nikon Photo Contest International 2000-2001. This pictures was request from Nikon for their North America publication in 2004 -more than 1300 admissions with more then 400 works, in 90 Countries, 75 awards -

He earned his PPSA and EPSA in 2021. FIAP: Federation International de l'Art Photographique gave him the recognitions: 2015 AFIAP, 2017 EFIAP, 2019 EFIAP/b, 2020 EFIAP/s, 2021 EFIAP/g. -FIAF: Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche gave him the recognition: AFI. -

He has a long multivision experience he began in 1988 using 2 analogic projectors first, than 4 now digital audio projection. He also has quite a big experience of public and photoclubs projection and has been invited at many of them as he can show 60 analogic and more than 50 digital programmed works. He did a few afternoon projections as volounteer for elder people and others.