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Hanoch Peri

Hanoch Peri's passion for photography began at age 11 when he started saving for his first camera, which he bought a year later.

During his University days, Hanoch was controlling the photography darkrooms in the university as student job, a job that allowed him plenty of time to experience darkroom techniques, like developing films and slides; printing BW, color and huge prints.

Hanoch's first SLR was a gift from his father-in-law. (One of the best film SLRs ever made.)

His interest in photography became more intense in the beginning of 2010 after two long trips to Africa. Hanoch joined an advanced photography club. Short time later, he joined the PSA.

Hanoch never studied in a formal photography school, but joined lectures and meeting with art photographers, studied from photography books and joined international photography exhibition which he found enhancing and expanding photography skills.

Hanoch received the distinction of "Artiste" from AFIAP during 2014 and shortly after, the distinction of "PPSA." He is mainly interested in photography of People and wildlife, as both those "Alive" subjects enhance the "story telling" and the "feeling and emotion" power of images.

More of his images can be seen on his website: www.peri5.com