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Borna Mirahmadian, PPSA

Borna Mirahmadian is a self-taught freelance photographer, a member of International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and also a member of Photographic Society of America (PSA). He was born on 1981 in Tehran-Iran and started photography at an early age, but taking photos was only a hobby, until 2007. It was then that his enthusiasm for photography had a twist of fate and turned into an obsession. Since then he pursues photography with his exemplary passion for this activity, despite being a full-time Civil Engineer.

During the last few years he has participated in many international photography contests and this has brought him more than 12 prestigious Awards, including Certificates of Merit from PSA, and 2 well-respected Photography Distinctions from FIAP. Following his success in these competitions, on May 2016 he became the first Iranian who received a ROPA Title (Recognition of Photography Achievement) from PSA.

Borna is also active in the field of Stock Photography and his pictures are purchased as editorial or royalty-free licenses through International Stock Agencies to be used in Graphic Designs, Advertisements, Magazines and websites, all around the globe.

To see more of his works, please visit his personal photography website: www.bornamir.com