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Ashok Viswanathan, PPSA, EFIAP, FFIP

Ashok's photography started in the early 70's while still in high school using a Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta roll film camera. He later graduated to a Nikon system and in 2001 entered the digital age with a D100 and 4 Nikon lenses. Today he is a confirmed Fuji X user, a system he chose for the size, weight & quality it delivers.

Ashok's work has been exhibited in over 35 countries and won many awards as well as much published work. Favourite subjects are travel, portraits, landscapes, pictorial, fine art as well as exploring alternative processes such as Cyanotypes, Bromoil, Gum oil and Gum Bichromate. Recent interests are also in doing studio workshops with models and still life images. He has not forgotten film and still shoots Ilford FP4 and HP5 on his much loved Rolleiflex.

Ashok earned his PPSA in 2021.