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Ranjani Perera, PPSA, AFIAP, APSS, ANPAS 

Ranjani Perera is a woman photographer from Sir Lanka who has built her image as a leading female photographer. Being her hobby, she has reached her International levels gaining many Honorary Fellowships from Photographic Societies all over the world. She plays her role as a International Salon judging too. She has achieved PPSA, AFIAP, APSS (Singapore Photographic Society) , ANPAS (SRI LANKA) , AISLF (SRI LANKA), AICS , AISF, PESGSPC, ACPES. She has won many awards at the State Photographic Festival of Sri Lanka. Her favorite Category is Portraiture.

Ranjani Perera earned her QPSA and PPSA in 2020.