PSA Membership Areas

PSA is an international organization, with  members living throughout the world. To see individual country, Canadian province, or U.S. state pages, please click the appropriate link below. These pages include valuable information as well as the assigned membership director. PSA encourages members and prospective members to contact local membership directors and enjoy all the benefits of PSA membership. 

Afghanistan Eastern Europe
Alabama USA Gulf States
Alaska USA Pacific Northwest
Alberta Canadian Rockies
Algeria Africa
Argentina South America
Arizona USA Southwest
Arkansas USA Gulf States
Australia South Pacific
Austria Western Europe
Bahrain Middle East
Bangladesh India Subcontinent
Belarus Eastern Europe
Belgium Western Europe
Bhutan Asia
Bosnia & Herzegovina Eastern Europe
Brazil South America
British Columbia Canadian Rockies
Bulgaria Eastern Europe
California USA Southwest
Chile South America
China Asia
Colombia South America
Colorado USA Rocky Mountains
Connecticut USA Northeast
Croatia Eastern Europe
Curacao Central America
Cyprus Western Europe
Czech Republic Eastern Europe
Delaware USA Mid Atlantic
Denmark Western Europe
District of Columbia USA Mid Atlantic
Dominican Republic Central America
Egypt Africa
El Salvador Central America
England United Kingdom
Falkland Islands United Kingdom
Finland Western Europe
Florida USA Gulf States
France Western Europe
French Polynesia South Pacific
Georgia Eastern Europe
Georgia USA Mid Atlantic
Germany Western Europe
Ghana Africa
Gibraltar Western Europe
Greece Western Europe
Guatemala Central America
Hawaii USA Southwest
Honduras Central America
Hong Kong Asia
Hungary Eastern Europe
Iceland Western Europe
Idaho USA Rocky Mountains
Illinois USA Ohio Valley
india India Subcontinent
Indiana USA Ohio Valley
Indonesia Asia
Iowa USA Great Plains
Iran Middle East
Iraq Middle East
Ireland, Northern United Kingdom
Ireland, Republic of Western Europe
Israel Middle East
Italy Western Europe
Japan Asia
Jordan Middle East
Kansas USA Great Plains
Kentucky USA Ohio Valley
Kenya Africa
Korea, Republic of Asia
Kuwait Middle East
Lebanon Middle East
Lithuania Eastern Europe
Louisiana USA Gulf States
Luxembourg Western Europe
Macau Asia
Macedonia Eastern Europe
Maine USA Northeast
Malaysia Asia
Malta Western Europe
Manitoba Canadian Plains
Maryland USA Mid Atlantic
Massachusetts USA Northeast
Mauritius Africa
Mexico Central America
Michigan USA Ohio Valley
Minnesota USA Great Plains
Mississippi USA Gulf States
Missouri USA Great Plains
Moldova Eastern Europe
Montana USA Rocky Mountains
Montenegro Eastern Europe
Morocco Africa
Myanmar Asia
Nebraska USA Great Plains
Nepal Asia
Netherlands Western Europe
Nevada USA Southwest
New Brunswick Canadian Maritime
Newfoundland Canadian Maritime
New Hampshire USA Northeast
New Jersey USA Mid Atlantic
New Mexico USA Southwest
New York USA Northeast
New Zealand South Pacific
Nigeria Africa
North Carolina USA Mid Atlantic
North Dakota USA Great Plains
Norway Western Europe
Nova Scotia & PEI Canadian Maritime
Ohio USA Ohio Valley
Oklahoma USA Gulf States
Oman Middle East
Ontario Canadian Plains
Oregon USA Pacific Northwest
Pakistan India Subcontinent
Pennsylvania USA Ohio Valley
Peru South America
Philippines South Pacific
Poland Eastern Europe
Portugal Western Europe
Puerto Rico USA Gulf States
Qatar Middle East
Quebec Canadian Maritime
Rhode Island USA Northeast
Romania Eastern Europe
Russia Eastern Europe
Samoa South Pacific
Saskatchewan Canadian Plains
Saudi Arabia Middle East
Scotland United Kingdom
Serbia Eastern Europe
Singapore Asia
Slovakia Eastern Europe
Slovenia Eastern Europe
South Africa Africa
South Carolina USA Mid Atlantic
South Dakota USA Great Plains
Spain Western Europe
Sri Lanka India Subcontinent
Sudan Africa
Sweden Western Europe
Switzerland Western Europe
Syria Middle East
Taiwan Asia
Tajikistan Eastern Europe
Tanzania Africa
Tennessee USA Ohio Valley
Texas USA Gulf States
Thailand Asia
Trinidad and Tobago Central America
Turkey Eastern Europe
Ukraine Eastern Europe
United Arab Emirates Middle East
Utah USA Rocky Mountains
Vermont USA Northeast
Vietnam Asia
Virginia USA Mid Atlantic
Wales United Kingdom
Washington USA Pacific Northwest
West Virginia USA Ohio Valley
Wisconsin USA Great Plains
Wyoming USA Rocky Mountains